Date: Monday 6th May 2109

Start Time: 1000hrs for First Leg

Venue: Parkanaur Forest, County Tyrone


The area has been remapped for IOC2019

Below is a copy of an old map of the area.


Team Composition

In the Open Premier and Women’s Premier classes the team members compete over three equal length laps of the same physical and technical difficulty.

Junior 36 / 48 Classes:
Teams in the Junior 48 and Junior 36 classes should have a combined age of up to 48 years and 36 years respectively using their ‘orienteering age’. Their team members compete over laps of different length, and different physical and technical difficulty. The maximum ‘orienteering age’ for any competitor in either Junior class is M/W 18.

Handicap Classes:
Similar to the Junior system, the Handicap classes are based on the combined ages of the team members using their ‘orienteering age’. Handicap Points are allocated to the various orienteering age groups as follows, and these are used to calculate the total points for the team that determines their handicap class.

Age ClassPoints
M20, M351
M18, M40, W21 2
M45, W20, W353
M16, M50, W18, W404
M55, W16, W455
M14, M60, W14, W506
M65, W55 7
M70 and over, W608
W70 and over10