Date: Sunday 5th May 2019

Start Times: 1100hrs to 1330hrs

Venue: Cavan Burren Park

The Classic Distance Race will start in the Cavan Burren Geopark. Some courses will cross the border into Fermanagh.

Cavan Burren Park is located on a limestone plateau at a height of approx 295 metres under the shadow of Cuilcagh Mountain. It is widely recognised as one of the finest prehistoric relict landscapes in Ireland. The terrain is a mixture of complex rock strewn woodland and open limestone grasslands.

Burren 7
Burren 1
Burren 6
Burren 9


The area has been remapped by Pat Healy for IOC2019 using LIDAR data.

Below is a link to an old map of the main part of the area to be used.


The following Championship Courses with their respective classes will be available. The predicted winning times will vary from 90 minutes plus for Course 1 to between 60 and 70 minutes for most other courses.

Course TD Classes
  1                       5   M21E
  2     5   M18E, M20E, W21E
  3     5   W18E, W20E        
  4   5   M35, M40, M45          
  5               5   M50  
  6     5   M16, W35          
  7     5   M55, M60, W16, W40                    
  8     5   M65, W45, W50         
  9     5   M70, W55, W60, W65
  10     5   M75, M80, M85, W70        
  11   5   W75, W80, W85       
  12   4   M14, W14        
  13     3   M12, W12
  14     2   M10, W10

The following pre-entry Non-Championship and entry on the day colour classes will also be available.

Course No TD Class
  4   5   M21L  
  5   5     Men Long
  6   5     W21L
  8   5     Women Long
  9   5   Men Short  
  10   5   Women Short  
  12   4   M18S, W18S, M16S, W16S, Light Green  
  13   3   Orange  
  14   2   Yellow