Accommodation and Activities


FermO have recently been working with the Swanlinbar Development Association to promote cross-border orienteering activities. Swanlinbar is close to the Sprint and Classic Distance venues and to the social event centre.

Please consider the accommodation options listed in the link below: –

Other sources of accommodation are: – (see below for details of offers over the May weekend)

‘We are an activity centre offering self-catering accommodation + activities such as canoe hire right beside the Burren.
We will have a special offer for that week-end for orienteering clubs : 3 nights accommodation and 1/2 day free canoe hire on Lough Macnean for £330 per cottage (at present we have 4 cottages available each sleeping 5 people).
Our activity website is We offer on site : archery, climbing, mountain biking….all within 5-10mn from the Burren.’

For camping at the Middle Distance venue: –


All three of the individual races take place in the wider Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark which incorporates the Cavan/Burren Geopark. The events could not go ahead without their support. Information about the Park can be found at the following link: –

Fermanagh and Cavan are wet. What about a paddle around the island town of Enniskillen during your downtime? (see above – activities at Correlea Activity Centre)