Accommodation and Activities


FermO have recently been working with the Swanlinbar Development Association to promote cross-border orienteering activities. Swanlinbar is close to the Sprint and Classic Distance venues and to the social event centre.

Please consider the accommodation options listed in the link below: –

Camper Van Parking

It will be possible to park camper vans outside the Kinawley Hall where the prize givings and IOA AGM are scheduled to take place.

Mains power may be available for a number of vans. The cost will be £10 per van per night payable at the hall on the weekend.

Camper vans outside Kinawley Hall at a recent rally.

Other sources of accommodation are: – (see below for details of offers over the May weekend)

‘We are an activity centre offering self-catering accommodation + activities such as canoe hire right beside the Burren.
We will have a special offer for that week-end for orienteering clubs : 3 nights accommodation and 1/2 day free canoe hire on Lough Macnean for £330 per cottage (at present we have 4 cottages available each sleeping 5 people).
Our activity website is We offer on site : archery, climbing, mountain biking….all within 5-10mn from the Burren.’

For camping at the Middle Distance venue: –


All three of the individual races take place in the wider Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark which incorporates the Cavan/Burren Geopark. The events could not go ahead without their support. Information about the Park can be found at the following link: –

Fermanagh and Cavan are wet. What about a paddle around the island town of Enniskillen during your downtime? (see above – activities at Correlea Activity Centre)

Motorised Mayhem, Paintballing etc.

Not far outside the Geopark, on the shores of Lough Brackley, near Ballyconnell can be found ‘Outdoors and Dirty’.offering a mix of off-road motorsports and outdoor activities. Details can be found at: –